Rug Cleaning Sydney

KP’s Carpet Cleaning offer high quality rug cleaning services in Sydney. We clean all types of rugs including Persian rugs, acrylic rugs, area rugs, woollen rugs, Chinese rugs, Afghan rugs, silk rugs, modern rugs, Turkish rugs and cotton rugs. Contact us for professional steam cleaning services for your rugs. Call 9400 9395 now.

Customised Rug Cleaning Sydney Service

At KP’s Carpet Cleaning, we aim to delight our customers by providing a personalised service. We discuss your requirements, and inspect your rugs to come up with a customised solution for you. Whether you have one rug to clean or multiple rugs, we have you covered.

Our Rug Cleaning Process

Here’s how we go about our service when you can contact us for rug cleaning Sydney services.

  • rug cleaning sydneyWe carry out a thorough pre-inspection to check for damages, fading, stains and wears.
  • We will then determine the appropriate cleaning method to remove the dust embedded in your rug. We will make use of compressed air removal techniques for highly effective cleaning.
  • We will pre-treat spots, stains and spills.
  • We will clean your rug using either encapsulation technique, steam cleaning or immersion technique depending on the nature of rug.
  • Once the cleaning is done, we will lay it flat our hang it up to dry.
  • Once the rug dries up, our technician will vacuum the rug again to ensure loose particles are completely removed.
  • Finally, we will sanitise your rug and have them ready for you to pick up.

If you can’t deliver or pick your rugs, we also offer free pick up and drop off service. We make sure your rugs come alive with our high quality cleaning techniques and eco friendly cleaning solutions.

Contact KP’s Carpet Cleaning today for a free, no obligation quote.