Carpet Cleaning in Sydney

Carpets are not merely accessories. They also serve as filters for soil, animal or human dander, and many other materials and dirt. Too much dirt and debris on a carpet make it a place for bacteria and allergens that pose threat to human health. This is why it’s important to keep them clean.

KP’s Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning specialises in cleaning and restoring residential and commercial carpets and rugs. We use reliable methods to remove soils and other types of dirt. Many of our customers prefer carpet steam cleaning to preserve their carpets’ silky feel and appearance.

Cleaning for health requires that as much of the solid, particle soil be removed as is physically possible.

This requires a thorough extraction/ eradication of these soils. The first step to carpet steam cleaning is dry vacuuming. The majority of carpet steam cleaners do not do this. At KP’s it’s compulsory. This is the most important step in carpet steam cleaning.

In this process the dry particular soil that comprises the majority of the soils in the carpet is removed. It is a known fact that 74% – 79% of soil present is of a dry particulate nature. Fine particulate soil is easier to remove when dry. Even when the pile is not dense, vacuuming is still an important step to carpet steam cleaning.

If dry particular soil is not removed, the sharp edges of this particulate soil will scratch or abrade the fibers which results in a dull appearance or apparent soiling of the carpet.vacuuming is still an important step to carpet steam cleaning.

We advise that soiling can be significantly reduced by adhering to a regular vacuuming program, normally 2-3 times per week.

According to Australian and New Zealand Standard (AS/NZ 3733) Cleaning maintenance of residential vacuum filtration systems are that filtering systems used on vacuum cleaners shall be capable of filtering 97.5% of dust. It is imperative to empty or change the vacuum cleaner bag when it is no more than 2/3 full.

Steam carpet cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning

The next step to our carpet steam cleaning is to pre-spray the carpet with high quality, non-toxic 100% biodegradable solution.

This product is pet and child safe, in fact just completely safe – no harm can come to anyone with our cleaning agents.

Now we can begin carpet steam cleaning. We offer both truck mounted and portable carpet steam cleaning equipment.

The carpet construction and fiber types also plays an important role in stain removal. Feel free to look at our spot removal tips page.

After completing our carpet steam cleaning, a deodoriser is applied to leave your carpets fresh. Any furniture in the room will be put on coasters to prevent staining during drying. It usually takes between 2-5 hours to dry, depending on weather and relative humidity.

To speed up the drying we suggest you open as many doors and windows and turn on fans and air-conditioning if available.

You can walk on your carpets straight away, but try to keep traffic to a minimum. Do not put anything like towels over the carpet as this will stop the air getting to the carpet and traps moisture in, which will greatly increase the drying time.

We recommend you have your carpets professionally steam cleaned every 6 -12 months. So whether you need carpet cleaning North Sydney, carpet cleaning Northern beaches, carpet cleaning North shore or carpet cleaning in any Sydney suburb call KP’s Carpet Steam Cleaning Sydney wide to discuss your home or office carpet steam cleaning needs.

With so many referrals and repeat business, it’s no wonder why KP’s carpet steam cleaning is Sydney’s number one choice.

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