Portable carpet cleaning

KPs have just upgaded to SteamVac Portable Machines are powerful enough to handle all your tough jobs, like tile and grout cleaning, and are perfect for your detailed jobs like carpet and upholstery cleaning. All models can be used either as a truck mounted machine, or 100% portable. Ergonomically designed, the SteamVac Portables original and innovative design lets you work more comfortably for longer.

All the SteamVac Portable Machines have the following:

• HP models have more working pressure than most truck mounts on the market
• With standard 50mm (2”) booster port for even greater power.
• Comfortable to use machine that easy to manoeuvre with non-marking casters plus 2 non-marking pneumatic rear wheels.
• Twin multi-stage vac motors with genuine wet seals and exclusive ultraflow air manifold for dryer carpets.
• Hour run meter, essential for accurate servicing.
• Body of heavy-duty marine grade fibre glass, 12 year guarantee.
• Gulpa waste management system. (optional)
• Automatic water fill reducing operator fatigue. (optional)
• Built – in mufflers for both air inlets and exhausts.
• Exclusive cool air intake for vac motors, extending vac motor life.
• Pressure regulating valve, clear dome top, rear kick plate, quick release dump valve with heavy-duty alloy handle, stainless steel handles, quality brass and stainless steel fittings, electrical socket with separate electrical lead, bumper strips, HD lightweight aluminium frame.
• Tamper-proof positive ball valve shut off.
• High grade sealed with ceramic plunger multi piston pumps.
• Of course, all 100% Australian Made.

Portable Models

The good thing about using portable carpet steam cleaning machines is the use on high rise appartments and office areas where a truckmount can not access.