Pet urine on carpets

This is the correct way you must know if you are to successfully remove pet urine stains.   Once you have seen how it’s done, it’s really very simple.  But most pet owners never understand exactly how they should be removing pet stains from their carpet.

Here’s the biggest mistake you can make. When your loved one has a little tinkle or  makes a huge puddle, the first course of action should not be towels or paper towels placed on top of the mess. This only mashes the urine down into the underlay. It makes the urine harder to get out. Of course  some of the urine is absorbed in the towel, but not all of it.

The second biggest common  mistake is grabbing for the spotter bottle first. Think about what you are doing. If you have urine in your carpet and you spray some spot remover on the urine, you now have a puddle of urine with spot remover in it. This does not equal clean. The spot remover will not make the urine evaporate. Sure, it can or may make it smell a little better, but the urine is still there and in a big way.

Here’s an important concept you should know: Spot remover is made to remove what left behind after you clean up the bulk of the mess. It isn’t designed to make urine evaporate. So having said that, what do you use to remove the bulk of the urine before treating with a spot remover?

Here’s the trick: Use a wet vacuum  as soon as you find urine on your carpet or rug. You can get one at any tool hire shop and some supermarket stores. When used on a fresh urine spot, the wet vacuum will remove a majority of the urine. Then whip out a spot remover and treat the remaining urine left behind,always read the spot remover and test first.Enzymes are usually the best cleaning agent for urine, vomit, and feces. You must use an enzyme for any spot that isn’t fresh. We us an enzyme that is one of the best professional products available. An enzyme is the only cleaning agent that actually eats up the bad bacteria in urine. It can be used on carpet, upholstery, and wood. There are a few enzymes on the market. Some work well, some do not work too good.

You can also dilute 1 cup of vinegar with two cups of water. The acid base of vinegar will help removal of a fresh urine spot, but it will not actually digest any of the urine like an enzyme does. A neutral ph spotting agent works well for general cleaning of the spot as well.Never ever use any high ph or high residue product. This would include ammonia and Resolve carpet spotter. I have seen many instances where the wrong product had caused a urine stain to be permanent. The use of oxygen bleach is also very  risky on many carpets.

Or simply call us to come and treat your carpet.