Carpet Cleaning Dee Why

KP’s Carpet Cleaning has over 9 years’ experience in carpet cleaning in Dee Why. Our fully trained and accredited technicians will thoroughly clean your carpets to breathe a new lease of life in them. Contact us today for a free quote.

Carpet Cleaning Dee Why – Our Services

Here’s a look at all the carpet cleaning services we offer in Dee Why.

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Protection treatment
  • Rug cleaning
  • Tough stain removal
  • Dust mite treatment
  • Flood damage restoration
  • Anti allergen treatment


Our Standard Cleaning Procedure

carpet cleaning dee whyOur three step process involves cleaning, deodorising and stain removal.

Our technician will carry out a pre clean inspection to look for tough stains and spots. He will then carry out a thorough vacuum to remove all loose dirt from the carpets. We will they pre-spray your carpets with a child safe, pet safe and eco friendly solution.

This solution will bring all the dirt to the surface. We with then remove this using a rotary buffer.

Our high performance rotary buffer machines will remove 90% of the moisture from the carpets and ensure they dry up in less than 2 hours.

We will then remove all stubborn and tough stains that were not cleaned from the previous process. Our technician will work on specific areas to ensure all stains are completely removed. We treat all tough stains with high quality stain removal solution.

Once the carpet cleaning process is completed, the technician will inspect the carpet to ensure it’s completely clean. He will discuss with you the job carried out and explain it in detail to ensure you are happy with the results we’ve achieved.

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