Carpet cleaning St Ives

St Ives is one of Sydney’s most sought after suburbs,its located on a hill on Sydneys north shore.St Ives was one of the first areas to be explored by the request of governor Phillip way back in 1788.

St Ives was home to an impressive timber forest like many areas on the north shore,loggers moved in to the area in the 1820′”s and by the 1840′”s a successful saw mill was built.It was referred to as Rosedale until about 1880 and is believed to be named after  Issac Ellis Ives who was a member of the legislative assembly of its neighbouring suburb of St Leonards.

Today St Ives has a population of around 14209 boasting some  handsome residential houses,many of the houses we service in the area have a lot of carpeted floor space which needs to be maintained  on a regular basis.St Ives also has a good sized shopping center with a few of KP’s clients located in and around the shopping center,we also service many retirement villages ,health care centers  and real estate agents within the area.

St Ives is a leafy,quiet and attractive suburb which was particularly appealing to newly married couples and a great place to start a family with several state and prestigious private schools.Today the suburb has retained its charm with highly educated professionals and families who are still choosing to live in the area of St Ives.