Spring carpet cleaning

carpet cleaning

Spring is nearly here and every one loves to do some spring cleaning, you spend a lot more time in your house during winter than any other time of the year.
Your carpet is a great filter to collect all types of dirt and dander, simply vacuuming will not get your carpets healthy.
You should think about having them cleaned by a trained expert, many people hire a machine from the supermarket.The problem with this is many people over wet  their carpets and the hire machines do not have enough airflow to extract the moisture, this can cause browning and make your carpet smell like a wet dog.
You have to also think of the time it will take you to clean your carpet and the time you spend going back and forth to the supermarket, it’s likely to be over 4 hours save your self the hassle and give us a call.We have different methods of carpet cleaning and first class equipment and detergents.
Other reasons for carpet cleaning could be you are having a baby, you just bought a new house, had a party or need an end of lease carpet clean.
KP’S carpet cleaning have been cleaning carpets for many years now and always welcome new customers, if your want advice or a quote please do not hesitate to contact us by email and we will call you back to discuss your needs.