Silk Rug Cleaning

Silk rug cleaning
In order to make sure that your rug lasts long and maintains that new look, you have to ensure that you clean it using the right detergents. Abrasive chemicals might cause your rug to decolorize or even damage the texture of the fabric on the rug. We all know how silk material is delicate, and thus you have to ensure that you use some of the best detergents when washing it. Silk material is very sensitive and thus will require special cleaning procedures.
You can either choose to wash your rug in your home or have it washed in-factory. Whatever method of cleaning you choose to use, the most important thing is to ensure that the rug will maintain its colour and durability. Before you decide on where to wash your silk rug from, it is important that you try and look at some of the advantages and disadvantages.
  • Dirt removal process
Whether you wash the silk rug from your house or from an in-factory the most important thing is to ensure that the dirt is completely removed from the carpet. Washing the rug from the factory will ensure that even the deepest dirt is completely removed. Usually, over course of time, grit and dirt accumulates on the rug. The fiber can also be easily damaged by the footsteps pressing depending on the level of traffic it gets.
  • Cleaning of the fringes
Steam cleansing doesn’t have any special method of getting rid of the fringes but when it is cleaned from our factory, you can be sure that we will always follow the proper silk rug washing process. Getting the fringes cleaned is usually one of the most important things when cleaning the rug as they are the most soiled parts.
  • The rinsing process
You will find that steam cleaning process will not follow the rinsing process effectively and thus you will still see some soap residue that will even attract more dirt on the rug than before. When the silk rug is washed at our  factory you can be sure that no residues will be left behind as we  will use flowing filtered water to ensure that no traces of soap are left behind.
  • The drying process
Just like the rinsing process, the steam cleaning doesn’t dry the rug completely. It usually leaves moist in the rug which makes it get mold and even damage the appearance of the rug. The silk rug might need the factory treatment in order to ensure that it stayed preserved and maintain that new look.
  • The price
The factory cleaning will definitely cost you more than the steam process but the best thing is that it is more effective. The advantage of the factory cleaning is that it can be used to clean most fabrics and you can be assured of getting the dirt completely off.
  • Convenience
The in house cleaning methods are more convenient than the offsite cleaning methods. However, most companies will offer the pick-up and drop off services therefore, it shouldn’t be a problem for you. The best thing about getting your silk rug cleaned at the factory is that fact that there will be enough space and all the essential products that will be required to clean the rug.
There are a number of companies that usually offer cleaning services therefore, it is best that you research and ensure that you get the best company. You can go through some of the reviews given their clients so that you can know exactly what type of services they offer. You can also compare the prices charged so that you can get the best deals.