Persian Rug Cleaning

Persian rug cleaning
Persian rugs require a lot of attention and care when cleaning them considering the fact that they are very delicate. However, the best thing is that the entire rug doesn’t get dirty all at once. You might be required to clean some areas of the rug whereas others can even go for years without being cleaned. If the rug is small in size then, you can clean it in your garage or any flat surface but if it is large then you can do the area rug cleaning and concentrate on the affected areas alone.
It is advisable that you wash your rug on a bright sunny day so that it can dry quickly. Persian rug cleaning is very simple because you can use rug shampoo or cool water. Always use a soft brush to clean the Persian rugs so that you don’t damage the fabric.
Persian rugs are quite expensive thus it is only fair that you take good care of them to ensure that they don’t lose their colour. If you ever stain your rug, you should immediately try to get rid of the stain by blotting the stain using water and a white cloth. The rugs are usually very soft so avoid using a lot of pressure when trying to remove the stain. It is also advisable that you clean the Persian rug with running water to ensure that you wash off all the soap. Then, squeeze out the additional water and put it out to dry.
When area rug cleaning, you have to ensure that you are very careful when applying the stain remover. Some stain remover chemicals are very abrasive and may cause damage to the rug so it is best that you try it out first by using it on a small corner of the rug to see how it reacts. You can check the manual for instructions on what type of detergents and chemicals you will be required to use when cleaning your Persian rug.
However, if you ever find it hard to clean your Persian rug, you need not to worry as we are professional rug cleaners who you can take your rug to our factory for cleaning.
The best thing about taking your rug to a professional for cleaning is that we will know exactly what type of chemicals to use and what washing method they should use depending on the type of stain or the material of the rug.
A Persian rug requires proper maintenance in order to ensure that it lasts for long and maintain its shinny new look. It is best that you vacuum your rug every day in order to avoid dust and other dirt materials from building up.
You can go online to see some of the best Persian rug cleaners within your area. Go through some of the reviews given by their clients in order to know the exact level of service you should expect from them. It is also good that you try and compare the prices charged in order to get the best deal.