Rug Cleaning on the Northern Beaches

We have just opened a new rug cleaning center located at 22 carter road,Brookvale.

We can pick up your rugs or you can drop them into us.

All types of rugs can be cleaned persian rugs,wool rugs,silk rugs,oriental rugs,acrylic rugs,afghan rugs and chinese rugs.

we use ten steps in cleaning your rugs.

  1. All rugs are Inspected for any defects,damage,colour changes or any permanent stains,all of  these will be noted to you.
  2. Your rug will then be dusted.
  3. The next step your rug will be vacuumed to remove any further loose dirt, hair and foreign fibres
  4. We will then decidide which cleaning method to be used Steam cleaned, encapsulated  or a fully immersed clean in a water bath
  5. Your rug will be dried our specially built drying rooms
  6. After drying your rug will be vacuumed again to remove any more loose particles
  7. The rug will be groomed and inspected
  8. Sanitised or odour treated
  9. Fringe restoration will be done  if needed
  10. Rug protection/scotchgaurding  treatment provided on request

So come in and see us or give us a call on (02) 8021 5875