flood jobs

The end of the day is near,then i get a call from the office a flood in woolloomoolloo caused by a dishwasher.

It has flooded one house and leaked in to next door as well,i call the plumber as he is still at the job.

He tells me there is about 2 inches of water in the main house and it is seeping into next door,both houses have floating timber floors.Well i have to go to our yard and pick up 8 airmovers and 2 dehumidifiers before i can go to the job and its now 530 pm.

I get all the gear in the van and  head to the job and get there around 630.

I first go to no 8 where the flood started no one is home but a key was left out for me,I go inside and find the lounge and kitchen floors covered in water.I get the van set up ready to extract the water and begin after a good hour most of the water has gone so i go next door and proceed to extract the water from their lounge room.

The majority of the mess has been sucked up now so I apply antimicrobial to the floors and take some moisture readings.

Then I set up the drying equipment in both houses and pack up and explain to the lady the drying will take a few days and both floors will buckle up while drying,so they will have to be replaced,and I will come back in 2 days to check on the drying and take some more moisture readings.Its now 830 so time to head home and have a couple of well earned beers on the way,you just never know what will happen in the carpet cleaning industry.

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