Carpet protection

Regular vacuuming and regular carpet cleaning will not only help to keep the appearance of your carpets and furniture but applying fabric protection is another way to prolong the beauty of your furnishings.

Scotchgard,teflon and other brands of  technology were designed to protect your furnishings from stains, dirt and grime.these products surrounds each fibre, providing an invisible shield against dirt and soil. As a result, dirt does not adhere as easily and vacuums up easier. Plus fibre wear from soil abrasion is greatly reduced.

A good example of how carpet or furniture protection products can help is when you have a spill. If you spill red wine and the carpet does not have carpet protection you watch the liquid absorb into the fibres of the carpet and in some cases it will leave a permanent stain. If you spill on the carpet that has been protected you watch the liquid bead on the surface and not absorb into the fabric just like when you wax your car and it rains. This gives you the necessary time to clean up the spill without leaving a permanent stain. A carpet and furniture protection product on your furnishings does not mean that you can ignore the spills until the next time you have your carpets or upholstery cleaned.

Frequently sitting in the same spot on your furniture or walking in the same pathways of your carpet will form wear patterns. Another benefit that you gain from using a protector is that it provides an extra layer of protection and in most cases will prolong the forming of wear patterns. Even with protection it is still very important to rearrange your furniture to prevent wear and to use throw rugs in high traffic areas of your carpet.

In homes with pets you will find that a protector can be of great benefit in providing protection for your carpets and furniture. It protects furnishings from pet stains and repels liquids. It is quite common in a home with pets to have stains like urine, vomit and the protection will provide added repellence to the fabrics. This type of strong protection will prevent permanent staining and in many cases the stains will release with a gentle washing or steam cleaning. The nice thing about this type of protection is that it won’t change the look, feel or breathability of your furnishings

In a lot of  cases the benefits of  protection are exaggerated and people don’t provide the proper care and maintenance for their furnishings. By understanding that protectors do have some limitations you have the knowledge to provide proper care and as a result will enjoy the benefits for many years.