A day on the road cleaning carpets around Sydney

After a late night watching world cup soccer its time to get out of bed take a shower and get ready for the full day ahead.Its 7 am on a chilly morning in Sydney,i start the van and type in to my sat nav the address of my first job a periodontist surgery in mosman.Traffic is not too bad and i arrive at the job on time at 750 am,i unload the vacuum cleaner ,the portable steam cleaner and other items for the job in hand,this is a regular customer and the job wont take long.I jump in the lift and arrive at reception and am greeted by Pam.I do the pre inspection and can see the carpet will need stretching and inform Pam.

After a thorough vacuum i pre spray the carpet and get ready to steam clean,the area of carpet is only about 70 m2.The job is complete in about 30 minutes and take all the gear back to the van.I proceed to one of my regular coffee shops for a slice a banana bread and a coffee before my next job in crows nest.

Upon arrival i only manage to park some 100 m from the job its a top floor unit with no lift in the building(these ones keep you fit).After meeting the customer and inspect the carpet i return to the van for the pain staking hall of the machine up six flights of stairs.After breaking a sweat we are ready to start the job a two bedroom unit with a sunroom.The carpet is some what old but the end result is very good,the customer is delighted and settles the bill.

Back to the van and back on the road heading towards dee why for a fire and smoke damage job for an insurance company.All seems to be going well until the spit bridge is raised causing a twenty minute delay.Finally i arrive in oaks ave dee why the cause of the problem was a grill that caught fire luckily the tenant managed to put it out with out too much damage.Whilst inspecting the property i make a report for the insurance company listing smoke damage to the walls in the kitchen and lounge,the carpets in the lounge,hall and part of the bedroom are also affected.There is also alot of smoke stains to the leather lounge,an area rug,verticle blinds and the curtains.I take photos of everything before i try to restore any thing,i start to clean the carpets and they come back  to about 70% better but  not enough,so they will have to be replaced.I take all the measurements for the new carpet call the office and make a report,the client is reassured that  her home will be back to normal within a couple of days.

Time for a bit of lunch so down to dee why beach to a great fish and chip shop.

The next job is in harbord just a quick one the removal of nail polish,i get there just after one o’clock get set up and apply a small amount of grease release and rinse it out straight away and continue to blot and rinse until the stain has gone.Yet another happy customer now off to manly to pick up some keys from a real estate for an empty studio apartment,another small job before my last.

I return the keys and head over to Harbord.we get these jobs so often a nervous tenant due to have an inspection the next day.I just dont understand why people let there carpets get so trashed and then expect a miracle from a carpet cleaner,anyway this carpet is polypropylene which always cleans up good.They are very greatfull and now i can head home for an early day but i have an early start in the morning 4am at a popular pub in Manly so there you have just another day in the carpet cleaning world.