Another day out on the road

Every day seems to go so quick when your busy but you never get bored out on the road carpet cleaning.The first job of the day is a five seater microsuede sofa in Terrey Hills.I arrive at the house meet the customer and inspect the furniture,its cream colour and looks like it gets a good work out from the kids,I explain what we can do to achieve the best results for this clean.The lady is very excited and leaves me to it.I go to the van and get set up i love cleaning microsuede because it tends to come up really good.I clean the first seating position and call the lady out to see the difference she was totally gob smacked Ï honestly never thought it would come up that good ” she said.You get a good feeling inside and know they are more than happy with the work you are doing.After finishing the clean I write the lady an invoice and she gladly pays and wants a quote to clean the carpets throughout her house.She is happy with the quote and I call the office to make another booking for her.

The next job is a small flood in the Terrey Hills Tavern a local pub,this was caused by a leaking air conditioning unit in the pool room.I go in extract the water and treat with an antimicrobial to prevent any mould developing ,because the carpet is glued to the concrete floor i leave an airmover (carpet dryer) there to speed up drying this is known as top down drying.I see the manager before leaving and tell him i will be back later in the day to check on the drying and pick up the fan.

Its now 10 30 am time for a quick bite to eat and a coffee before the next job.

Now we are off to Pymble to clean the carpets in a large house traffic is good this time of morning so its not too long before i arrive.I knock on the door on time and go through the house noting all the needs for the customer and inspecting the carpet.The lady has a concern for a urine smell in some rooms from her dogs.I explain the method we use to treat the odour and go back to the van to get set up.This job took 3 hours and on completion the customer is happy and pays by visa card i call the office and the transaction is approved.

My next stop is only around the corner a quote for another reasonable sized house.Again i meet the customer and talk through their requirements give them a written quote and head back down to Chatswood to pick up some area rugs to go back the the rug factory to be cleaned.Time is cracking on now and i head back to the Terrey Hills tavern to check on the flood and find the area affected is dry.I can now go back to the factory and drop off the rugs and hand in the days takings and paper work and pick up my job sheets for tomorrow .Another day gone and more happy customers now i can go home and relax with my family.