Carpet and upholstery cleaning at Jonahs

I love been a carpet cleaner and heres one reason why.Another sunny day in Sydney and my first job is at Jonahs restaurant over looking the cliffs at Palm beach.With over 30,000 customers coming through this restaurant its important to keep it looking in tip top condition.

Firstly i pre inspect all the carpet looking for stains,chewing gum and wear and tear all round checking joins in the carpet as well.I note all what i see then return back to the van to get the vacuum cleaner.I then vacuum all the carpeted areas,its quiet theraputic to see the difference just from vacuuming.

Pre inspection and notes on carpet condition

Pre inspection of the condition of the carpets

After that i treat any stains with a pre spotter and the pre spray all the carpet with a cleaning detergent which has a safe ph for all carpets.This is left to dwell while i go back to the van and get the scrubber,this is used to agitate the carpet and loosen the soils.I proceed to do this process admiring the veiws from this fantastic restaurant

I go back to the van and set up the truckmount carpet cleaning machine.I check the oil level on the machine and set up corner gaurds to all the walls and door ways where the hoses will run,these are used to protect paint and plaster from damage by the hoses that run from the truckmount  in the van to the area that is been cleaned.

The next thing i do is roll out the soloution hose from the van to the furthest point of cleaning,on this occasion the distance is 45 meters.I then un roll the vacuum hose to the same point and connect both soloution and vacuum hoses to the wand(the wand is used to inject high pressure water and rinsing agent into the carpet and extract it at the same time).The next thing i do is connect a water hose from the truckmount to a tap ,this will give a constant water supply to the truckmount,the water goes through a heat exchanger and creates continuous temperature of 230 degrees .Heat is important when cleaning carpet, now i begin to steam clean the carpet and it gives you a great feeling to see how clean the carpets are becoming ,when this is done i groom the carpets with a carpet rake,this resets the pile.

Now its time to move on to clean spot marks from the dinning chairs,sofas and out door cushions.Its very enjoyable doing this because they were protected with teflon six months ago all the spots and stains are easily removed.

I see the manager and run through what has been done and make sure he is happy,which he is.I then roll up all the hoses and pack up everything neatly into the van.I drive away feeling very satisfied and proceed to my next job an empty two bed room unit in Mona Vale.