Upholstery Cleaning

When it comes to the best furniture cleaners, trust KP’s Carpet Cleaning

First impressions matter and last, so you can count on us to make sure that family and friends have a positive opinion of your home. With our team of professional upholstery cleaners available for hire to take care of your sofa, chaise and ottomans, you can be confident that guests to your home will be in awe of how spotless your furniture is.

You can count on us to ensure that your upholsteries are handled with the right cleaning method. We can remove dirt and stains from all types of fabrics, including wool, cotton, Indian cotton, micro suede, silk and a variety of nylons. Our cleaning processes will be determined by what type of fabric your sofa or chairs are covered with and the types of dirt or stains on it.

Upholstery cleaning methods

At KP’s Carpet Cleaning, we deploy the process of low moisture cleaning, also known as encapsulation cleaning. A special mix of detergent is sprayed onto your furniture, and is then gently agitated with a buffing pad. This action creates a layer of foam, which crystallises and attracts all the dirt. Following that, the shampoo is vacuumed leaving your upholstery almost dry.

An alternative method to cleaning your upholstery is steam cleaning, also known as hot water extraction. A safe non-toxic cleaning detergent is applied to your furniture and is then rinsed with water and vacuumed.  Both methods are very effective and completely safe for everyone including children and pets, and many homes across Sydney have trusted us to handle all their upholstery cleaning needs.

As a recommendation to increase the life span of your sofas, chaise, ottomans, etc., you should vacuum your upholstery and try to rotate your cushions regularly.

For commercial clients, we can have your office chairs cleaned after business hours, ensuring that your daily operations are not disrupted and allowing them to dry overnight. Additionally, you can choose to have fabric protection applied to your chairs after our cleaning service. Hiring our upholstery cleaners will give you the assurance that the job will be done professionally and with utmost trust and integrity.

If you’d like, our cleaners can also deploy the same cleaning methods for your car’s upholstery, so just enquire with our friendly team.

Unfortunately we are unable to guarantee the removal of all stains on your upholstery as there are numerous factors to consider, such as the length of time the stains have been on your furniture, fabric types and whether you have tried to clean the stains with different cleaning solutions.

Let our upholstery cleaners in Sydney help you and call us today on 8021 5875 or fill out the Call Back Request form on the right of the page. If you choose to have both your carpets and upholstery cleaned at the same time, we would be happy to offer a 10% discount!

For an idea of how much it’d cost you for our upholstery cleaning services, refer to our pricing structure, where there is a minimum charge of $110.Upholstery Cleaning Sydney

  • Single arm chair/seat $38.50
  • Two seater sofa $77.00
  • Three seater sofa $115.50
  • Three seater chaise $134.75
  • Four seater sofa $154.00
  • Five seater sofa $192.50
  • Six seater sofa $231.00
  • Office chairs from $13.20
  • Ottomans $27.50
  • Fabric protection
  • Per seating position $22.00

All our prices include GST.