Tile Cleaning

KP’s have introduced the turbo cleaning system for all tiled areas that will eliminate you ever having to scrub your floor again. This cleaning process is ideal for both indoor and outdoor areas. Our unique clean and capture system blasts away all the dirt and grime that has built up on your hard surfaces.

When cleaning your Tiles and grout we use a combination of specialist heavy duty cleaning products and high powered industrial truck mounted cleaning equipment. We pre spray our cleaning solution on to your tiles and scrub all the grout joins with a brush (this agitates the product to make it more effective). Then we use our turbo clean and capture tool that sprays high pressure hot water and vacuums up the solution leaving your tiles clean and dry.

You will see and feel the difference. Our tile cleaning can be used on kitchen floors, bathrooms, restaurants and many other areas both indoor and outside.

Once we have cleaned your tiles and grout looking after them will be less difficult providing you clean them on a regular basis.

We are restricted to the distance from our van to the cleaning area, 60 meters is the maximum distance we can reach from our vehicle. Give us a call or simply fill out our contact form and we will call you back to discuss your tile cleaning requirements.