Mattress Cleaning

Everyone knows the importance of keeping our surroundings nice and clean and free from dust.
We all wash our clothes after each time we use them,vacuum our carpets once or twice a week and wash our bed sheets and linen every week or two.
So when was the last time you had your mattress cleaned ?
Did you know the average person spends around 2,590 hours on their mattress every year. This is much more time you spend in your car,on your sofa and at the dinning table.
Considering just how much time we spend on our mattress it is very important to make sure it is clean and dust free to avoid allergies and dust mites.
Case studies have revealed that up to 62 per cent of dust mites in your home are living in your bed,which could cause allergies and disturb your sleep.
The typical allergy symptoms are wakening up with a runny nose,watery eyes or headaches.
The dust mites feed on dead skin cells we shed while we sleep.
The dust mites are microscope bugs a typical mattress can contain tens of thousands of dust mites,but nearly 100,000 mites can live in a single square meter of carpet.
A single dust mite produces around 20 waste droppings everyday,each containing protein to which many people are allergic.
The proteins in this combination of feces and sheded skin are what cause allergic reactions in humans.
We can treat your mattress and assure you a good nights sleep.

Mattress Cleaning Sydney

  • pre vacuum the mattress
  • Pre-spray the mattress with Anti-allergen pre-spray
  • Use a special cleaning tool which uses heat and suction to clean the mattress and apply an Anti-Allergen rinse
  • Spray the mattress with Allergy relief treatment
  • Spray the mattress with an Anti-Allergen deodorizer

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