Flood Restoration

Don’t panic when your hot water system burst, washing machine/bath overflowed,dishwasher leaked,fish tank leak,water pipe leaked, any other piping problems or rain/storm water flooding.We can handle any size disaster and quickly deploy our technicians to work on it straight way. We have 24/7 flood restoration services on stand-by always because we believe to act on it quickly to avoid costly damage caused by standing water. We will assess the affected area and apply the right action.
Our qualified operators will get your home or office clean,safe and back to normal for you. KPs flood restoration will make your home or office looking like new once again, let us take care of the mess from the water damage

Our Team of cleaning professionals at KP’s use advanced products, procedures and equipment to assure your flooded carpet is extracted from water and dry as quick as possible, and the highest level of cleaning performance and protection for property and furnishings.

We have a large amount of equipment available including over 80 air movers (carpet drying fans),12 dehumidifiers and 3 emergency rapid response vehicles.

If you have water damage and leave it for more than twenty four hours then the risk of mould growth is high costing more dollars in repair.Leaving no option but to remove the carpet ,underlay,smooth edge and replace them with new once drying and subfloor treatment is completed.

Kp’s will be able to check the drying and take moisture readings to make sure everything is completely dry before final works are carried out.

Wet carpet and underlay act like sponges soaking up the water and creating an ideal environment for mould and bacteria to start growing.The typical way to save your carpet unfolds like this.A site inspection is carried out to asses the best solution either to save the carpet and dry the affected area or simply remove it,dry the floor and renew the carpet,if there is any furniture in the room this will be moved to a safe location.Water extraction now begins using either a truck mounted or portable systems.The carpet will then be lifted and the underlay and subfloor inspected to see the extent of damage.We will clean and then apply anti browning and anti microbial treatments.Supply and installation of drying equipment air movers and dehumifiers if needed.Return visit to check on drying and take moisture readings.When fully dry supply if needed new underlay,smooth edge and trimmers.Relay carpet and restretch,then steam clean and deoderise the carpet.Provide a comprehensive and detailed report for insurance.

We can deal with your insurance company and assist you with any claim.

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Inspection and assessment

  • Water removal
  • Drying : air movement
  • Drying : dehumidifying
  • Anti-microbial application
  • Anti browning treatment
  • Cleaning & sanitizing of carpet.