Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Sydney

Commercial carpet cleaning is one of our services we have been doing for many years for schools, pubs, night clubs, offices and shops from North Sydney to Palm beach, Upper and Lower North Shore.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning can be carried out of business hours so as not to interfere with your operations. We can send out a representative to measure and quote for you, they will explain the right choice of cleaning for you steam cleaning or dry cleaning. A total of 2-2500 square metres can be cleaned in a 12 hour period.

We can even look at your office chairs or board room chairs and give you a discount of 10 % if you have both carpet and upholstery cleaned together. Over the years KP’s has cleaned well over 2 million square meters of commercial carpet. So it is evident that we are very experienced in this field.

Give us a call today on 8021 5875 or fill out our contact form with your requirement and one of our friendly team will call you back.