Cleaning Supplies

Whiteley Accelerator Cleaning Supplies

Whiteley Accelerator

Accelerator rapidly removes carbonised food deposits and heavily congealed fats and greases. This product is a concentrated heavy duty alkaline detergent designed for the daily cleaning of ovens, grills and other cooking equipment.




Whiteley Applebright Cleaning Supplies

Whiteley Applebright

Applebright is a pH neutral manual dishwashing detergent that leaves dishes clean and ultra shiny. It combines the rapid cleaning of all common food soils with stable suds and tremendous fat emulsification properties, and has a pleasant apple fragrance.




Whiteley Clear Reflections Cleaning Supplies

Whiteley Clear Reflections

Clear Reflections window cleaner is a streak-free detergent that rapidly penetrates and dislodges dirt, dust and other soils on windows, glass, computer and TV monitors, stainless steel, formica and whiteboards. It may also be used as a spray and wipe for cleaning desk and counter tops in office environments.




Whiteley EarthSmart Multi Purpose Cleaning Supplies

Whiteley EarthSmart Multi – Purpose Detergent

EarthSmart Multi-Purpose Detergent is a readily biodegradable, non-hazardous dilutable detergent for use on floors, walls, bench tops, counter tops, sinks and other surfaces. EarthSmart Multi-Purpose Detergent has been independently tested and passes the Australian Standard for readily biodegradability AS4351.2 as a whole concentrated product.




Whiteley Fabripowr Plus Cleaning Supplies

Whiteley Fabripowr Plus

Fabripowr Plus offers superior carpet cleaning performance without the use of alkaline boosters, effectively substituting for up to 5 different chemicals. Fabripowr Plus may be used as a carpet extraction detergent, carpet prespotter, carpet sanitiser, odour suppressor and deodouriser. Best used on blended and nylon fibre based carpets.




Whiteley Fabririnse Cleaning Supplies

Whiteley Fabririnse

Fabririnse utilises a unique blend of acid stable anionic surfactants to improve the wetting of carpet and upholstery fibres, neutralising detergent residues, stabilising colours and dyes preventing resoiling and fibre browning.




Whiteley Fabrisan cleaning supplies

Whiteley Fabrisan 

Fabrisan™ is a revolutionary carpet and upholstery deodoriser that contains Natural Australian Tea Tree Oil and will eliminate almost any odour. Fabrisan™ is effective in removing mould and spores and eliminating urine odours. Fabrisan™ dries to a non-staining, non-toxic residue that can be easily vacuumed away.




Whiteley Mr Bean Cleaning SuppliesWhiteley Mr Bean

Mr Bean is an easy to use concentrated water based air-freshener, general purpose cleaner and sanitiser with a pleasant bubblegum fragrance.




Whiteley Mr Nomarks Carpet Master Cleaning Supplies

Whiteley Mr Nomarks Carpet Master

Mr Nomarks™ Carpet Master is a carpet spot cleaner which is ideal for cleaning spots, spills and ground-in dirt. It inhibits carpet re-soiling and is easy and safe to use




Whiteley Mr Nomarks Fabrisan cleaning products

Whiteley Mr Nomarks Fabrisan

Mr Nomarks™ Fabrisan™ is a revolutionary carpet and upholstery deodouriser that contains Natural Australian Tea Tree Oil and will eliminate almost any odour. Mr Nomarks™ Fabrisan™ effectively removes mould, spores and eliminating urine odours.




Whiteley Vanilla Breeze cleaning supplies

Whiteley Vanilla Breeze

Vanilla Breeze is a long lasting residual action water-based air freshener, general purpose cleaner and sanitiser that removes unwanted odours with a pleasant vanilla fragrance.