Carpet Cleaning Equipment

KP's Carpet Cleaning Equipment Truck

We at KPS only invest in the best carpet cleaning systems on the market giving you the best carpet clean you will ever have.

Having tried and tested many carpet cleaning machines, upholstery tools and cleaning chemicals over the years, we now have the best available to clean your home or office.

Keeping up to date in this industry is important us and we attend many trade exhibitions to see whats new in our market
Featured below are some items of equipment we use for carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning and flood restoration.
We hope the information helps you understand what all professional cleaning companies should have to provide you with quality work every time.


KP's Cleaning Equipment Truck MountTruck Mount Carpet Cleaning Unit

All our vans have Hydra master truck mounts installed. The advantage of a truck mount for carpet/upholstery and tile and grout cleaning is the amount of heat it generates. Its is powered by petrol or diesel motor. Cold water is connected to the machine from a tap and is put through a heat exchanger in the machine to create steam. Hot water is sent back out through a solution hose to the carpet cleaning wand or other attachments being used for cleaning tiles or upholstery.  The water is heated to a maximum of 260 degrees which can be adjusted to the desired temperature. The main advantages of truck mounted units is the ability to have constant water supply and pump out waste water from the capture tank. It also makes the vacuum air flow much more powerful, thus leaving the carpet or surface a lot drier. It is a very expensive piece of equipment but should be available from all professional carpet cleaning companies

KP's Cleaning Equipment RD 6 SteamvacRD6 Hotwater Extraction Carpet Cleaner / Steam Cleaner

Over the years we have tried and tested many different portables and to be honest they are all very similar in vac motors and pumps. For our portable carpet cleaning units we use steamvac Rd5 and Rd6 units. They are Australian made and have 2×1200 watt two stage vacuum motors and a hydraulic working pump pressure of up to 900 psi. We use these for difficult access buildings, offices, boats, cars, planes and high rise buildings and apartments. The cleaning process is carried out the same way as truck mounted, but the portable unit needs filling with hot, warm or cold water. The cleaning process of the method is known as hot water extraction, there are no known portable steam cleaners, so don’t be fooled. If your a DIY person and are thinking of nipping down to the supermarket to hire a machine and do it yourself, then think twice are you really going to save money in the long run.

KP's Carpet Cleaning Equipment Dri Eaz 1200

Dri-Eaz Drizair 1200 Dehumidifier

The purpose of this machine is to remove moist air when drying carpets or rugs,it is capable of removing over 15 gallons of moisture form the enclosed area being dried.They work accompanied with air movers by pulling in the moist air into the machine causing it to condense into ice and then from ice to water.The water then travels out a pipe into a drain,bucket or out door area that water can be drained safely.



KP's Carpet Cleaning Equipment Air Mover

Turbo Dryer Air Mover

Air movers are used for drying out wet carpets,rugs,concrete and hardwood floors.

They feature 3 speeds have a 1/2 horse power motor,have an output of 2400 cfm air and draw 6.25 amps.Drying times vary when using the air movers due to humidity and climate conditions.

We have many available to cope with any flood disaster jobs

These type of fans can be hired from tool hire companies if you decide to dry your carpets yourself.


KP's Carpet Cleaning Equipment R48 Low Moisture Encapsulation Carpet Cleaner

Cimex R48 Low Moisture Encapsulation Carpet Cleaner

For dry cleaning of carpets and rugs we use the Cimex CR48 cyclone. This method of cleaning is known as encapsulation cleaning or dry cleaning. This is a British made machine and is popular world wide.
It has a solution tank to store the cleaning agent and is feed to 3 brushes which rotate in one direction whilst the outer wheel rotates in a different direction.
The results from the machine are very good it can be used on tiles, carpets and rugs, it is a pricey investment but a must in the carpet cleaning industry.


Sebo Vacuum Cleaner

Sebo x5 and Sebo XP1 Upright Vacuum Cleaners

At KP’s we are very serious about all our cleaning equipment. We use only Sebo x5 and Sebo xp1 models for our vacuum cleaners,this is the most important step of cleaning your carpets. Both vacuum cleaners have powerful 1300 watt motors,hygienic debris disposal,they have a three step filtration system that results with 99.9% of effectiveness to 0.3 microns. This is perfect for anyone that suffers with asthma and other allergies. These vacuum cleaners are used by many hotels and home including Buckingham Palace and the White House. Sebo vacuum cleaners have the seal of approval from the British Allergy Foundation and are engineered in Germany.


KP's Carpet Cleaning Hydroforce-SX12-Vacuum-Surface-Cleaner

Hydro Force SX12 Tiles & Grout Cleaner

For tile and grout cleaning we use the Hydro force SX12 rotary tile cleaner.

It can be used for both hard or smooth surfaces. It has a rotary arm that spins to create a powerful soil blasting pressure which is captured with vacuum ports around the base of the tool leaving the cleaning area almost dry.

It is capable to work with pressures from 700 up to 2000 psi. We have a limit of 60 meters from the van to the area to be cleaned.


KP's Carpet Cleaning Equipment Hydro Force SprayerHydro Force Injection Sprayers

For the application of detergent,/shampoo and scotchgaurd to your carpet we use a Hydro force injection sprayer.

This is used by more than 20,000 carpet cleaning professionals.

It can be used with both portable and truck mounted carpet cleaning machines and makes the application even and quickly.



KP's Carpet Cleaning Equipment Wand

Carpet Cleaning Wand

The carpet cleaning wand works by pulling a trigger at the top of the wand which releases water through jets at the bottom of the wand rinsing detergent from the carpet, this is all vacuumed up through the center of the wand back to the recovery tank. We use Teflon glides on our wands this helps our technicians reduce muscle fatigue and eliminate damage to skirting boards and furniture. It also helps speed up the drying time.



KP's Carpet Cleaning Equipment Drimaster Upholstery Cleaning ToolDrimaster Upholstery Cleaning Tool

This is a great tool for upholstery cleaning instead of using jets to spray water it has a constant flow of water, the advantage of this is it leaves fabrics 50 % drier.

With a clear lens built in it allows the technician to see the soil or dirt being removed from the fabric until it is clean.There is no over wetting or messy over spray to clean up.



KP's Carpet Cleaning Equipment Stair Tool

Stair Cleaning Tool

Obviously the name speaks for itself, the stair cleaning tool works the same way as the carpet cleaning wand but is about a third of the size .It is much lighter and easier to get in-between the stairs you are cleaning.

On some stairs we use encapsulation cleaning and use an upholstery cleaning tool.



KP's Carpet Cleaning Equipment Upholstery Tool with Splash Guard

Upholstery Cleaning Tool with splash back

Made from stainless steel it is lightweight and easy to use. The splash back guard prevents over spray and this is great for detailing cars and many types of upholstery. It can be used with both truck mounts and portable machines.