When to a hire a professional carpet cleaner

Carpets are easily stained – everyone who uses carpets in their home knows this. While there can be found remedies for everyday stains, like coffee or tea blots, ink dots, mud, and even resin, sometimes you will have to hire a professional carpet cleaner. Furthermore, if you like your carpets and you want to enjoy them in the long run, you will have to have them cleaned and refreshed professionally from time to time – it is advisory to do so once or twice a year. In this article we will show you why you should bring your carpets to a professional. carpet cleaning_1 First of all, even with the vacuum cleaner you cannot vacuum off the dirt under the carpet. But there is a floor beneath the carpets and it gathers big amounts of dust and dirt, which goes directly into the carpet. Even if you vacuum off the carpet each week, there will still be some amount of dust that remains. It, of course, affects your health, because when you step on the carpet some of this dirt spreads into the air and you breathe it. Thus, in the long run, untidy carpets could pose a potential thread to your health. A professional carpet cleaner could easily extract this dust and dirt using a technique, called dry cleaning. For this type of cleaning are used the so-called “very low moisture” cleaning machines. As the name of the technique suggests, they rely on dry ingredients to do the cleaning, which are much better than the popular detergents, although they are more expensive as well. Going to a professional for carpet cleaning will save you time, nerves and will reduce the threads to your health. Furthermore, unlike the disinfecting detergents, the dry cleaning compound is harmless for the human health and is biodegradable too. carpet cleaning_2 As we mentioned in the beginning of the article, there are some stains which you can clean using detergents at hand, dissolved in water. However, this does not apply to all stains. It is almost impossible to clean wine stain by rubbing the carpet. Almost certainly you will destroy it if you try this. Although machine lubricant stains are not very common, they are also very hard to get rid of. That’s why, if such things fall on your carpet, it is better to bring to a carpet cleaner. Furthermore, if you try to rub them by hand, you will lose much time, energy and nerves and the result will be … nothing, except an unusable carpet. The professional cleaner, on the other hand, using a very low moisture machine will have it cleaned in no time, saving you nerves and money for a new carpet. http://www.cleanerscarpet.co.uk/home-cleaning/SW3-house-cleaners-chelsea.html