Carpet cleaning price

We have all seen the cheap carpet cleaning prices such as 3 rooms cleaned for only $69.The truth of the matter is it can not be done,  many carpet cleaning companies use this as a switch and bait tactic to get the job, but when the arrive at your home they will bump up the price with hidden extras charging extra for an industrial clean and extra for deoderising.Like any thing in life you get what you pay for.You have to understand that a professional carpet cleaning company has running costs such as insurance, admin,machinery,cleaning solutions, etc.Each of our vans cost over $100,000 to kit out so it is impossible to offer a carpet cleaning price of  $69 for 3 rooms.We charge at $3.50 m2 because all rooms may vary in price,our price is fair and you get everything included pre inspection, pre vacuum, pre spray detergent, spot treatment, steam cleaning and deodorising no hidden charges and piece of mind the job will be done properly.So have a good think and do some research before choosing a carpet cleaner, make sure they have insurance,good equipment and the correct training.If you want a cheap carpet clean price then be prepared for disappointment.If you want advice give us a call on 8021 5875 we will be more than happy to assist you.