It never rains it pours

My god what another wet weekend in Sydney,its not just carpet cleaning when it rains there is a lot of restoration work out there .Its sat morning just after we had 30mm of rain this is going to make every carpet cleaning company busy with a limited amount of drying equipment available for hire.We all have our own drying equipment but when there is a big storm there is never enough to cope in these unexpected times.Our first job is a three bed room unit in Queenscliff a simple move out clean.The next one is liquor land in Manly  this place gets flooded every time  there is a big down pour yet the shop still trades.We make arrangements with the local ranger to park our van on the corso outside the shop front to extract the water that has flooded the shop.We get set up and remove some 300 liters of water and treat the affected  areas with microban and install 4 airmovers (fans) this will take 3 to 4 days to dry and will need a final clean afterwards the shop reopens and off to our next victim.Now we get to Harbord to find two bedrooms in a basement under water, we get set up suck out all the water and remove the underlay and install 2 air movers and 1 dehumidifier we will will come back in a couple of days to check drying and arrange for the carpet to be relayed before its final clean.Now we head off to another job in Fairlight  this one has already got staining from furniture so the only option is to remove the carpet and underlay and arrange for a new carpet to be installed within the next few days.The next stop is to the rubbish tip to dump the carpet.We get to the next job in Manly and find water has come in through the back door and flooded the lounge,this poor lady is elderly and really could do with out the stress.We explain our procedure and suck out the water and lift her carpet and remove the underlay and install two air movers and reassure her that everything will be back to normal in a few days.This really takes it out of the technicians but they battle on and work a long shift to make sure all the customers get the service we provide.Off to Davidson next to a house that had been wet for over 10 days the owners had been away to come back and find this unfortunately all we can do is to rip out the carpet and uderlay and arrange for new carpet to be fitted in a few days