flood scams

I could not believe what happened today.We got called out to a flood another carpet cleaning company had been there earlier and extracted the water and told the lady on the front desk it will dry in a few days and charged them $3280 for two hours work which they paid .When i turned up their boss was not a happy chappy .I went upstairs to their offices to inspect what had been done and the carpet was still very very damp,so i lifted the carpet to see the underlay was soaking.I explained to their boss that i will have to extract more water before i could install our drying equipment.I spent a further 3 hours sucking out a further 400 liters of water,and installed the 6 air movers i had with me i called our office to arrange another 6 air movers and 2 dehumidifiers to be delivered to this site.I treated all  the affected areas with microban( an antimicrobial) and looked at the other carpet cleaners invoice which they were charging $140 per square meter to extract and treat with anti browning and deoderise these poor people have just been taken for a ride and i will back up any claims against the other carpet cleaning company.We are doing the work through insurance please if you are not sure about the price of any work to be carried out by any carpet cleaning company call KPs we will be more than happy to advise you call us on 02 94521958